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A new dog in the family is a happy event, often accompanied by stress as you face having to name this new furball. While there does seem a lot of choice, you have to wonder which is the best one for your dog. How do you choose a name, should it be long or short, does it have to relate to your dog's breed or color? These are just some of the questions that arise in the name choosing game. One way to choose is to consider different niches, ones that are important to you and may spark an idea for a name. For example, if you like coffee, there are so many types of coffees, lattes, and hot chocolates that may just be perfect for your dog. A dog that is brown in color could suit Espresso, Mocha, Cappuccino, or even Latte. Then there is the alcohol niche, names like Brandy, Baileys, Kahlua or even Bourbon. Other specialty niches may be travel, with names such as Rio, Jet or Trek. There are so many different interests and associated names, you will soon be naming your new pal with a moniker that suits both you and him.

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The letters of the alphabet are another niche to consider for your dogs name. Go online and research lists such as this one where a selection of names is provided for you. The letter R has some interesting names in store for you to consider. When choosing a name, speak it out loud and see how it sounds with your dog. Take your dog's characteristics into consideration too. A big bulky dog could suit a name like Rhino, it describes a solid large animal. Such a dog wouldn't suit the name Ruffy so much, as that sounds more suited to a small dog for some reason. Keep in mind,a new dog in the family often starts as a puppy. That cute, adorable, small, writhing ball of fat and fur stage doesn't  last for long. Keep in mind how big your dog will grow before you bestow the name, as once he grows they may not suit their puppy moniker. Have fun choosing a name, it doesn't have to be done in the first five minutes that your new pet arrives. Take the time to get to know him and find out about his nature. Just make sure the name is not offensive to anyone, or that it doesn't sound like a command (Chip sounds like 'sit'). Enjoy, and chose a name worthy of your dog.
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Rocky's name story for Dog Names that Start with R
Yorkshire Terrier
Brooklyn, NY

When we brought him home we noticed that he was sick but and we were told we couldn't do much about it since he was so he was so young which meant we had to push through in the weeks later with some TLC he started to get stronger and it felt like a blessing. That's it that's the story.

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