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Netflix users were pleasantly surprised when they opened their feed last year. There, amongst all the new releases lay an interesting new option for them to click on. Most did not notice it, while others hovered above the option and read the description. Within those few lines, they were hooked. They thought they would maybe watch one episode and be done with it. Eight episodes and about eight hours later, they were staring at their screen with wide-eyed wonder. They had just finished the first season of Stranger Things and soon the rest of the world would follow their steps. 

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Stranger Things Dog Name Considerations

There is no doubt that Stranger Things is a global phenomenon. The young actors became overnight stars and now everyone knows their name. In one fell swoop, it gave us the next generation of Oscar-worthy actors and actresses. We cannot get enough of the Upside Down, and it is all thanks to this amazing series. It is a throwback to eighties culture, but even modern viewers can relate to the story. Not only that, but the creepiness works very well. Almost as soon as the first season was finished, they began filming the second one. Viewers around the world abandoned self-control and binge-watched all the episodes again.

Most people love Stranger Things and it is not hard to see why. A compelling story and talented cast drive it forward. That is why we are going to look at the names today. The names on this list are in some way connected to the Netflix smash hit. If you loved the series, then you are bound to love these names. They will be perfect for snuggling up with your new puppy re-watching all the episodes as you eagerly await our third trip to Hawkins and the Upside Down with the gang. 

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Eleven's name story for Stranger Things Dog Names
Salem, KY

I am a huge fan of stranger things and I loved the name eleven

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