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After the dark, gray, cold, stale days of winter, we crawl out to vibrant, green spring. At first, it feels like a dream, like we’ve woken in a fairy tale or Eden itself. Our eyes have to adjust: we notice the yellow daffodils lining the drive, the pink tulip-tree blooms in the distance, and the birdsong all around us. Everything is suddenly in motion with the springtime winds; indeed, everything seems to breathe and dance. It’s enough to make you realize you need a loving dog by your side, so if you find yourself with a new, energetic pup or even a shy, older rescue this March, April, or May, you’ll want a name that suits all that the adorable canine means to you.

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Spring Dog Name Considerations

Springtime involves so much new life and wonder. On every corner, one meets with colorful blossoms and fresh green. Baby birds can be heard crying for food in their nest. People move outdoors for picnics, reunions, and cocktails. The sun is out, temperatures are on the rise, and blue skies abound. Why not name your dog after some of the lively, beautiful images of spring? The guide below will get you started, but so much inspiration for names may be garnered simply by taking your new pup for a walk outside. You’ll see, smell, hear, feel, and even taste so much about spring!

You might give your canine a title that centers on plants, which are absolutely everywhere during March, April, and May: try “Herb,” “Sprout,” “Bean,” Daisy,” “Lilac,” or “Camellia.” Birds are also a common sight, so “Bunting,” “Hawk,” “Dovie,” or “Ruby” could be what you’re after. A spring tag might also be “Brella,” short for umbrella, or “Camper” because many people enjoy the pastime of camping as the weather warms up. Basically, if your dog has a “spring” in their step or they simply love the outdoors when all of nature swings back into bloom, consider a spring-inspired dog name for your lovable furry guy or gal.

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