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The Clumber Spaniel is yet another popular working dog of the Spaniel group. The Clumber is the largest of the Spaniel group, and the pup's bones are considered "heavy." Their head is massive, and the dog's droopy eyes often make the dog appear to be pensive or even sad. However, the Clumber Spaniel is highly intelligent, easily trained, and is more laid-back than many of the other Spaniel breeds. Although the Clumber Spaniel is rather large, the dog is quite agile. The breed is known to dive into brush after their prey, and the Clumber Spaniel has a great deal of stamina, which makes the dog a great companion for active families.

Clumber Spaniel Dog Names in Pop Culture

Clumber Spaniel Dog Name Considerations

In order to truly find a good name for the Clumber Spaniel, one should consider the dominant personality traits of the breed. 

The Clumber Spaniel enjoys spending time with their families. They are friendly and loyal. In addition, the breed is very affectionate. Most Clumber Spaniels are happy to climb on the couch with their families and just veg out. A male name meaning loyal is Dillion (or Dillon). Leia is a female name meaning faithful or loyal. 

Another interesting inspiration for the names of the Clumber Spaniel has to deal with their unknown origin. The experts do not know exactly the origins of the breed; however, legend has it that the dog was developed in France and, at some time during the French Revolution, the dog was brought to England. However, this is unsubstantiated. Even so, the French name Jacques for a male Clumber Spaniel and the female name Lelia is a beautiful name that is French in origin. 

The Clumber Spaniel was often found accompanying royalty as they hunted small game birds. In a painting from 1788, the Clumber Spaniel appears in a piece of art titled "The Return from Shooting." Because of the dog's appearance in artwork and their royal ties, names such as Duke and Francis (Francis Wheatley painted "The Return from Shooting") would be most fitting for the breed. 

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