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There are many joys involved with bringing home a new dog, and many decisions as well, including what to feed them, how to train them, and even what to call them. Comfort can have a number of different meanings. It can mean to give solace to, treat someone with warmth and compassion, or it even can be used to denote ease and wealth. While only a rare few of our dogs will provide us with financial comfort, the emotional support that they provide to us is immeasurable and can be a good source of inspiration when choosing a new name for our canine companions. 

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Choosing a name for our pets can be a challenging but rewarding chore, one that can have either a positive or negative effect on both you and your new animal for years to come.  It is important that the name you choose for your dog is one that both you and your household can easily pronounce and one that your dog responds well to. In many cases, people choose to share their lives with dogs for the comfort and companionship that they provide, and this can be reflected in the name that they give their pet. There are many names that can reflect on the concept of comfort; some that remind us of objects of comfort, names like Blanket or Binky, others that remind us of flavors or smells that comfort us, such as Dumpling or Cocoa, and dozens that actually mean comfort for different cultures and in different languages. Your dog’s appearance, personality, or even their contribution to the family may influence your final choice of name as well, so the dog that sports a black coat may be named Apache, while Ratatouille might work for that dog you just can’t seem to keep out of the vegetable garden, and the name Anu would work nicely for a dog who will be helping out with the chores on a cattle farm.

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Pit Bull
Hephzibah, GA

She has a brown Dot on her back, and but

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