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The Legend of King Arthur is among one of Britain's most cherished and culturally significant stories which has impacted people around the world, whether they know it or not; everyone has heard of the holy sword Excalibur, the halcyon kingdom of Camelot, or the virtuous Knights of the Round Table. And if a person hasn't heard of any of those concepts directly, than they've undoubtedly encountered those ideas indirectly, as the story of King Arthur has influenced many popular movies, games, books, and TV shows. Indeed, the Legend of King Arthur is so pervasive that the word "Arthurian" was created in order to reference all of the stories and characters related to Britain's mythical monarch. Though there has been much debate as to who the stories of Arthurian Legend where based on, the widespread cultural and religious significance of these tales is undeniable. People have contemplated Arthurian tales for centuries, and they'll likely continue to do so for many more years into the future, so if you'd like to give your dog a timeless, culturally significant, mythical name then look no further than the characters found withing Arthurian lore for inspiration.

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King Arthur Inspired Dog Name Considerations

The people, places, and things found within Arthurian lore have become thoroughly entrenched in the bones of contemporary culture, so naming your dog after someone or something from Arthurian legend can give it a regal and uncanny quality. The likes of Arthur Pendragon, Merlin, Lancelot, and the Knights of the Round Table are symbols of chivalry and poise, and they're often regarded as figures individuals should aspire to be like, especially the purest knight amongst them, Sir Galahad. One of main the reasons the characters of Arthurian legend have remained popular throughout the years is their ability to inspire the hearts and minds of people who learn of them, so naming your dog after one of those characters could create a similar result.

Another big reason the characters of Arthurian legend have remained as popular as they have been is due to their reliability; the Knights of the Round Table are virtuous souls but many of them are also tragically flawed in the same ways that we are. Indeed, these same flaws are often the driving force of many of their stories and, in the most dire of instances, lead to their undoing. Consider naming your dog, not after the Arthurian character whose name you like the most or whose deeds seem the most impressive, but who's heroic flaws mirror your own to act as a means of conscious inflection. 

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