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Bogotá, Colombia, known for all of its tasty food, rich heritage, amazing architecture, and friendly residents, is a mecca of all things dog. You could say they're obsessed. It's known as a pet friendly city, there are charities and movements to help get dogs off the streets and into safe, warm homes, and there are countless of Colombian bloggers that exclusively blog about man's best friend. It's become so prominent that one could argue that to fully enjoy Bogotá, you have to really love dogs. It's only in this way that you can fully understand how deep the beauty of the city runs.

Bogota Dog Names in Pop Culture

Bogota Dog Name Considerations

Whenever you're thinking of potential dog name, what goes through your mind? Are you searching for a cute name, something with deep meaning, or more of a reference that everyone will understand? More so, why Bogotá? These are questions that will help guide you in the right direction. Knowing why you want a certain place to influence your name will tell if you're way off base, or if you're capable of further narrowing your selection. For instance, say you want a Bogotá name because you are from there. Well, maybe you could narrow it from "Bogotá dog names" to "things in Bogotá that bring back fond memories." In other words, it's still Bogotá, but it's now more about you, rather than just a general, blanket take on the city as a whole.

Another consideration to take is your dog. After all, the name is for your dog, so it should reflect things like breed, age, size, appearance, personality, and preferences. A big, protective dog would benefit from a more robust name, while a small, shaky dog would benefit from a name with more of an emphasis on the adorable. To find the idea name, you just need to keep looking around, trying all your options, and being patient. Eventually, it will present itself. You'll know it when it does!

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Community Dogs with Bogota Names

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