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France is one of the most admired and loved countries in the world. Its culture, cities, food, and landscapes make this nation highly fascinating and captivating. There’s this romanticism about its cities and language, and a certain ‘je ne sais quoi’ that surrounds its people and culture. Perhaps you are in love with French food (because who doesn’t love a good soup aux ognions and a nice cheese plate?), or maybe Paris ‘The City of Lights’ makes you dream, or you just love how romantic everything sounds in French. If so, then this is obviously a great source of inspiration to find a super chic and interesting name, with a foreign touch, for your pet.  

French Dog Names in Pop Culture

French Dog Name Considerations

A French themed name is perfect if you like sophisticated, beautiful-sounding words and you are into the romanticism the French language conveys. France is one of the dreamiest countries and their language is definitely captivating. They also have a rich aristocratic history and unbelievable castles that give the country a majestic air. Everything about their culture is inspiring and you will find it a great source for finding the perfect name for your classy dog.

French names are a great fit for chic, polished, classic dogs like a Yorkshire, because what’s more chic than their silky, beautiful fur? Or a French Poodle (of course!) and a Pomeranian with their upright personalities. As well as breeds like the Bichon Frise, the Maltese, the Shih Tzu, with their beautiful coats and noble nature. Also, stylized dogs like the Afghan Hound, the Saluki, and the Borzoi with their elongated complexion, luxurious hair, and dignified appearance, would carry elegant French names quite gracefully. Moreover, the French are known for having a strong will and determination. It would be easy to picture a strong Dogue de Bordeaux being named Napoleon, or a lofty wire-haired Dachshund dubbed François. 

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Community Dogs with French Names

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