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If you’re reading this name guide, you’re more than likely a fan of this Disney classic. Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Kathy Najimy transport us into a world of magic and humor each Halloween. The film is actually so beloved, more than one annual viewing is usually necessary. If you’re part of the Hocus Pocus cult following and you’re a dog-lover as well, maybe it’s time to combine those two obsessions. What better way to acknowledge the utter charm of our pets? A Hocus Pocus name will highlight the fact that you’re spellbound by your fur child’s adorable disposition, personality, and antics. Cheers for tricks and treats!

Hocus Pocus Dog Names in Pop Culture

Hocus Pocus Dog Name Considerations

Around Halloween, we’re usually excited about horror movies, but how refreshing when All Hallows Eve (along with Disney) affords us the chance to laugh in the face of fear! Hocus Pocus gifts us with that very ability: to see the humorous and the hope when situations seem so dark. In the end, the good guys win. Spoiler! The witches turn to stone at sunrise, and the bullies are left twirling in bird cages at the Sanderson sisters’ lair. Binx is reunited with Emily, and the Salem kids are forever changed because the jaded Max lit the black flame candle.

Even if you’re not getting your dog in October, consider a dog name that pays homage to a film that multitudes hold dear. You might choose an actress-inspired name like “Jess,” “Bette,” or “Kat.” If you want to draw a more overt connection to the characters, pick a title like “Sanderson” or “Dani.” Maybe your pup is suited to something more general yet Halloween-inspired: “Pumpkin,” “Candy,” or “Cider” could be the best choice. Hocus Pocus is a fun movie for all ages, so follow its lead; have a great time thinking of your favorite scenes and selecting a funny, slightly spooky name for your canine pal!

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