Zoo-Inspired Dog Names

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Do you absolutely love all animals? Or does your pup happen to resemble a creature you could find at the zoo more closely than any canine? Either way, zoo-themed names can be unique, cute, and lots of fun! Whether your brindle gives you tiger vibes or your harlequin makes you think, "moo!", paying tribute to this fact with a name based on another species can be a great way to honor your wild-looking pooch!

We've gone ahead and gathered some of the best zoo-themed names that you could give your woofer, so read on and tell us what you think.

Zoo-Inspired Dog Names in Pop Culture

Zoo-Inspired Dog Name Considerations

Animals you find at the zoo include a vast selection of critters. When taking this into consideration, why not delve into some less popular animal choices when finding the perfect moniker for your mutt? The more you explore about the animals at your local zoo, you'll likely be fascinated by how awesome nature is and you'll probably find a name that suits your pupper just right.

Take a good look at that furry face. Do they snarl like a crocodile, or do their eyes bulge like a frog? Picking names based on physical appearance is an easy way to tie in how the animal chosen relates to your fur-baby. Another option is to use personality traits to pick your zoo animal title. Happen to have a pup that stomps around like an elephant, or runs through your house like a bull in a china shop? Other doggos may be meek as lambs or timid as a mouse.

One final point when you are naming your beloved pooch is that you can also use names that are based on animals, but are not animals themselves. Think of things like "Lenny the Lion", or "Elly the Elephant". By using this method, the options for picking a zoo-themed name truly are endless!

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Community Dogs with Zoo-Inspired Names

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