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Oh, when you fall for opera, you fall hard. What’s better than when that coloratura soprano or operatic tenor lifts you out of your seat and into the heavenly realms with the utter magic spilling from their mouths and hearts? Okay, maybe one thing is better: the love of your doggo. But what if you could combine these two worlds? Looking for a new name for your puppy, rescue, or latest adopted buddy? We hope you’ll stick around for this name guide, and delight in some of the opera stars you’ve come to love and truly appreciate, no matter their place in history.

Opera Dog Names in Pop Culture

Opera Dog Name Considerations

If you’re thinking about an opera dog name for your fur baby, then think about some of those operatic tenors and sopranos who have left a legacy on the stage. They’ve carried us away with their near-alien abilities. They hit notes that should shatter chandeliers but are so smooth and heavenly that they don’t. To put it plainly, their voices are pure magic. And so are our pooches, which is why they deserve a sweet, opera-inspired name on their collar. So, have a look at our list below for some inspiration as you select the pawfect one. Your search may take you beyond this page, and that’s okay. We’re here to get you started.

If you’re looking to name a furry opera lady, think about names like “Renee,” “Maria,” “Ruby,” “Kiri Te,” or “Jessye.” You could even call her “Soprano,” if you want to be fairly forward about your love for opera. If she has a squeaky bark or loves to howl along to music, then “Soprano” could be quite fitting. If you’re out to land a name for you cuddly opera stud, then consider names like “Luciano,” “Domingo,” “Andrea,” “Enrico,” or “Amaury.” “Tenor” might be your choice or maybe even “Bass” or “Bari” for baritone.

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