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Some of my most favorite memories and activities are centered around the beach and time spent with friends and family doing many water and sun things. There are some who get puppies, search diligently for just the perfect name and sometimes aren’t really happy with the results.  Here’s a suggestion: why not name your new adorable and cuddly little puppy after one of the reasons that you either come to or live in the state of Florida….something beachy or something healthy.   What a marvelous way to remember those healthy and wonderful swimming, diving and fun-in-the-sun experiences for years to come!

Florida Dog Names in Pop Culture

Florida Dog Name Considerations

If you’re diligently seeking the perfect name for your new puppy, relax!  If you enjoy the Florida lifestyle, then all you need to do is keep it fun and keep it  “Florida”.  What that can mean is some dog names simply don’t exude “fun” while others do.  For example, names for the spunky Terriers, who are truly “fun personified” as are many other canine breeds, might include Thunder, Stormy or Scooter.  There are “fun” names by the dozen which can be applied to many aspects of Florida living, not just the beach, though the beach is the favorite of many.  Florida is home to be pretty spectacular flowers and flowering bushes which could give you some ideas for names for your flashy furry family member.  Still other canines might be named so as to depict shortened versions of some of the more colorful and fun cities and fun attractions in the state.
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