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Looking for a new canine kid is an exciting time. You need to get a nice, soft, comfy bed for them, some fun toys, high-quality dog kibble and treats, a leash and collar, and you will need a good veterinary professional too. You'll also need to make sure you get the right pooch for your needs. For example, a little dog that does not bark at every noise would be best for a small condo or apartment, a big muscular pup like a Doberman, German Shepherd, or Rottweiler would be pawesome for a guard dog, and a Hound, Spaniel, Retriever, or Pointer are all excellent choices for hunting dogs.

Dog Names that Start with 'Sq' in Pop Culture

Dog Name That Starts with 'Sq' Considerations

Whether you are getting a giant breed like a Great Dane or a tiny Terrier like a Yorkie, you will also need to come up with the perfect name for your new cuddle buddy. While many new dog owners already have a name in mind before they get a pup, it makes more sense to choose your poochie first and then the name according to your pup’s personality and habits. They may have a funny or unique quirk that will help you choose the perfect moniker. For instance, Squeak or Squeaky are both pawesome names for a dog who squeaks a lot. And Squid is a fun name for a dog who likes water. 

A cuddly dog could be named Squash, Squeeze, or Squishy, and Squee or Squealy would be great for a poochie who squeals a lot. You can also choose a name that goes with your doggo’s appearance such as Squirt, Squat, Squirrel, or Squinty, which are all perfect for a small dog while Squabby is awesome for a chubby pup. Squinny would be cute for a thin pooch and Squatch is super for a large brown pupster. We have found and listed some of our favorites here to help you on your quest for the furfect name. 

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