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The Black Panther is a historic hero. He was the first significant black superhero and is one of the most powerful figures in the Marvel universe. His powers rival those of the strongest Avenger and his mental prowess would impress the smartest heroes. He is a cultural icon and his story arcs are always impressive. With the release of his first live-action movie, the Black Panther is a name on everyone's lips. He is a unique character in more ways than one and the way the movie handled the introduction of his world, you can't help but say "Wakanda forever!".

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Black Panther Inspired Dog Name Considerations

The Black Panther, or King T'Challa to his people, is a unique character. As with most heroes, his sense of moral duty points toward the good. But his mantle as the Black Panther is one of protection and inspiration. For generations, the kings of Wakanda would take on the role to protect their prosperous country. His turn as the powerful hero is not performed out of mere duty though. He loves his country and is one of the first kings to take his powers to the outside world and use them to benefit the whole world. He aims to take Wakanda out of the shadows and use their advanced technology for good. 

This has made him a few enemies within his own realm and without as well. People generally dislike change, and what Wakanda brings to the table is a source of jealousy and contention. Although the stories differ between the movie and the comics, T'Challa's character remains largely unchanged, many other characters underwent major overhauls. The names in this guide were taken from both the comics, the source of all these wonderful characters, and the movie. If you have a pup that has a protective or heroic personality, a Black Panther tag would be just the fit. It's time to introduce your dog to the world of Wakanda, they deserve it. 

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