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Whether we like it or not, sugar has taken over the world. The sweet tooth is just something you cannot shake, no matter how hard you try to quit consuming the sweets, no matter how many times everyone says that you do not really need that last piece of chocolate, no matter how “inappropriate” it is to finish the whole cake at 2 AM. If you just cannot live without candy, chocolate, cake, cookies, muffins, and candy floss do not be hard on yourself. Take that love for sweets as inspiration to name your dog after something that makes you truly happy. Just remember – do not give chocolate to your doggo! What is good for you is not always good for them!

Sweet Tooth Inspired Dog Names in Pop Culture

Sweet Tooth Inspired Dog Name Considerations

Having a sweet tooth is a great thing – you get to eat a lot of chocolate and candy, and cakes and pies are your best friends. You can also use the sweetest names for your new dog and really show the world that your love for all things sweet is never-ending. Therefore, naming your dog Marshmallow will express your love for S’mores, the name Cacao will showcase your adoration of chocolate, and Lolly will be the sweetest name you can give your precious doggo.

However, if you want to always remember the time when sweets hurt you and maybe have a reminder that you should control your candy addiction, you can name your doggo Root, to always keep in mind that sweets can cause root canals and frequent visits to the dentist. All jokes aside, your doggo is literally the cutest thing in the world, so you definitely won’t go wrong if you name them simply – Sugar. Baklava, Taffy, Cookie, Biscuit, Pie, Cake, Gingerbread, Muffin, and all the other desserts can be a new name for your dog, so the best method of naming is to first think about your favorites, see if they work as a dog name, and then use them and show the whole world just how sweet your little biscuit is. 

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