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Thinking of naming your dog after Silent Hill 2? No worries, you're not crazy, you have impeccable taste! Silent Hill 2 has been called the most intellectual story in all of gaming. Not to mention, it's one of the few games that actually captivated gamers with the story. For the most part, games don't invest time and energy into their stories, because they know players will be too focused on mechanics and combat systems. 

But not Silent Hill 2. It remains the favorite of the whole series, and still gets plenty of commendation for changing and influencing horror to this very day! 

Silent Hill 2 Dog Names in Pop Culture

Silent Hill 2 Dog Name Considerations

Of course, there are a few things to consider. First and foremost, it's crucial that you understand that Silent Hill 2, as well as the rest of the franchise, is all about horror and discomfort. It features cultists, flesh walls, demons that turn gears, mannequins, large swords, and what many speculate to be rape. 

Obviously, the series isn't for everyone, but Silent Hill 2 managed to make the story so interesting and detailed that many elements carried over to the rest of the games, such as Pyramid Head. He's supposed to represent James' inner lusts and desires, but he shows up in later games in the series, completely out of context, just because of the fan base. 

So, in other words, when naming your dog, keep in mind that some names may come off as very off-putting in certain circles. Try to select names that may not be as negative, if you can, unless that isn't your style.  

Also, remember that your dog's name will be used very often. Whenever you need to call him or her to you, stop the dog from doing something, feeding time, play time, meeting new people, and bumping into friendly neighbors. This is a name that will be used so much, that it may benefit from being carefully considered. 

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