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For many people, at least those that don’t live on one, the word “island” frequently conjures images of a tropical paradise, of isolation and relaxation, of memories already made or soon to be made. While those images may not be concrete in definition, they’re often well-formed in concept and feeling, namely, the adult version of the great escape, a feeling of freedom and happiness. In a similar sense, it’s also how many owners see their dogs, as a means for both playtime and leisure, comfort and adventure. So whether your dog is a symbol for recreation or repose, giving them an island’s name will surely conjure those iconic images two-fold and pay respect to each other in equal fashion. 

Island Inspired Dog Names in Pop Culture

Island Inspired Dog Name Considerations

OK, so you’ve decided to stick with trying to find an island name. What’s next? Well, it’s time to ferret out the easy choices. If you have a favorite island memory or somewhere you’d like to visit, feel free to use whichever seems most appropriate. For anyone looking to dive a bit deeper off the shore, begin by highlighting some of your dog’s most prominent traits, such as their breed type, appearance or personality. 

In terms of breed type, it can be as simple as matching them up with an appropriately-located island. For instance, if you have an Alopekis, one of few Greek breeds, the names Mykonos, Paxos, and Skepelos would all be suitable, especially if you’ve been to and enjoyed one more or of them. For the same reason, the names Lofoten and Svalbard would be good for a Norwegian Elkhound or Dunkel. 

If you’re looking to dig a bit deeper or provide a bit more meaning, you may need to do a bit of research, but it will broaden your options significantly. For instance, if you have a dog that is a bit of a loner or likes to stand watch, the name Sentinel, after North Sentinel Island, one of the most isolated places on Earth, would be perfect. If they love to fly around and bark, naming them Howland after Howland Island, the place where Amelia Earhart should have landed, would work on several levels, tying in the island, howling, and flying all in one apt name. 

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