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Candy is something that has been part of human society for an extremely long time. At the very beginning of candy, Cavemen dried honey and formed a type of taffy that they enjoyed often (as most who have a sweet tooth do). Ancient Egyptians took that same principal, but advanced it a step farther by using additional ingredients such as figs and nuts to enhance their candy experience.  Many other countries such as Greece and China also enlisted the help of honey to make sweet concoctions, and things such as caramel didn't come to exist until around 950 A.D. Finally, the discover of chocolate was introduced to the candy world when Mexico discovered it's delicious secrets in 1519. Once this amazing substance was brought over to Europe by Spanish explorers, you could say that the rest was history. People have enjoyed using chocolate, caramel, and honey to create mouth-watering delicacies for centuries and there's no doubt that we will continue to do so for much, much longer.

Candy Inspired Dog Names in Pop Culture

Candy Inspired Dog Name Considerations

For those of you with a serious sweet-tooth, the idea of naming a dog after one of your favorite candies may have popped into the database of your mind. This category is excellent as there are so many amazing different types of candies to choose from, and some of them have really quirky and interesting names! While there are some candy titles that have been used quite often, such as Cocoa and maybe even Snickers, there are a lot more that are a bit more out of the box. 

A good example of this would be the name "Jujubes" for a female dog. This is a fun and quirky name that you don't tend to hear often (unless it's a favorite of yours)!. Jujubes may be a perfect fit for a small to medium sized dog, with wiry hair, and a lively personality. When it comes to a unique male name,  the candy "Zero" is quite a fascinating moniker. It is a white fudge-covered chocolate bar and has a rather mysterious ring to it. This name could work  perfectly for either a small, sprightly dog like a West Highland White Terrier or even a large, esteemed breed such as the American White Shepherd. 

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Community Dogs with Candy Inspired Names

Pop rock's name story for Candy Inspired Dog Names
Pop rock
Doberman Collie
New York City, NY

When we got him I was eating pop rocks and he loved the sound they made.

Cotton candy's name story for Candy Inspired Dog Names
Cotton candy
Toy Poodle
Orlando, FL
Curious / likes to investigate
likes to act a little rebellious

She reminded me of a little cotton ball, and my favorite type of flavor for candy is cotton candy. I also thought that the name was adorable.

Chip's name story for Candy Inspired Dog Names
Border Collie
Spokane, WA
"always on a sugar high" energetic

he is white with brown freckles. i found him on the streets. i put out posters but nobody called so i kept him

Oreo's name story for Candy Inspired Dog Names
Napa, CA

Hes black and white dots. It was just fitting.

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