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Have you always dreamed of exploring the amazing country of China? Has its history always fascinated you? Perhaps you have Chinese origins and you’d like to honor that connection somehow? Or, maybe you have just come back from the trip of your lifetime where you wandered around the streets of Beijing, visited the banks of Huang He, otherwise known as the Yellow River, and trekked your way along the Great Wall of China? Whatever the case is, one thing is certain, China is a wonderful, whimsical, fabulous country with many things to offer, from entertainment to history, that keeps all your senses stimulated and your inquisitiveness satiated. 

Chinese Dog Names in Pop Culture

Chinese Dog Name Considerations

Whether your new pupper originates from China or not, you can give them a Chinese name either way. Naming your dog after a famous Chinese emperor or a modern-day celebrity is a great way to honor the Chinese culture and start up a conversation in your local dog park. Diversity is great and the more we learn about other cultures, the more open our minds become, and the more welcoming and warm we become. And who knows, maybe one of your friends will be bitten by the travel bug and come on a China exploration adventure with you!

So, if your pup is an adorable Shar Pei, naming them after the last Chinese emperor Pu Yi can be a fantastic way to honor the Chinese culture. Staying in the royal lane, naming your Chinese Crested Dog or a Shih Tzu after His Majesty Qin Shi Huang is quite a solid choice, since Qin Shi Huang was the first monarch of China. And what about the most famous Chinese monarch, Kublai Khan? Such a powerful name that will definitely instill some confidence in even the smallest of dogs.

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Community Dogs with Chinese Names

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