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When it comes to movies, having a fanbase is almost a sure thing. Some people may like a movie, some might not. However, one sub-genre that breaks all the norms is a cult film. This genre refers to a movie (usually a polarizing one) that has developed a massive, dedicated fanbase, known as a cult following. These followers try to determine the film’s crux and then create an entire sub-culture based on this. Repetitive viewing of their chosen cult film is also a custom. More often than not, cult films are eccentric and unique. This is the very reason why a lot of cinephile animal lovers have taken inspiration from these cult films when naming their pets.

Cult Film Dog Names in Pop Culture

Cult Film Dog Name Considerations

Once you have decided to name your new pup after a famous cult film or character, you might find yourself overwhelmed with all the possibilities. There is an extremely long list to choose from so take time to consider a few things before settling with a name. One of these considerations is to choose a name that’s not too overly complicated.

There are a lot of unique names or characters in these cult films and you might find it tempting to choose an exotic-sounding one. While this may seem like a good idea at first, remember that dogs do not retain long names easily. Hence, if you’re think the name Dr. Frank N Furter (from the Rocky Horror Picture Show) seems like an awesome name for your dog, think again. This name might not be easily picked up by your dog. If you really want to give such a name, make sure that you have a shorter version for when you are calling your dog, such as “Frank".

Another one is to choose a name that is reminiscent of your dog’s physical appearance or personality. With all these cult films to choose from, you will surely find a name that goes well with your dog’s look or temperament. When it comes to picking cult film-inspired dog names, the possibilities are endless.

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