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A new dog in the family is a wonderful occasion - all those puppy dog kisses and cute antics would warm anyone's heart. But then you have the conundrum of what do you call this bumbling, awkward but oh, so cute bundle of joy? Rather than getting a headache trying to think of an appropriate name, save yourself the problem by looking at lists already compiled of dog names, and if you want something special - a historical event like the blazing of the Oregon Trail to new settlers is the perfect inspiration that you need. The Oregon Trail made heroes out of the unlikeliest of people; the hardships they endured, the uncertainty, and the hazards faced was unprecedented for that era. So many people didn't make it to the land promised to them. Many perished along the way, especially in the early days of the trail. How about honoring their memory with an Oregon Trail name for your puppy? Names such as Idaho, Arroya, Coyote, River or Rocky are reminiscent of the land, as are Sage, Gringo or even Buckaroo. Spend a day or two before you name your new dog to see what characteristics he has. This cute little bundle may grow into a rugged Grizzly of a dog, he may be a bit of a Rogue, or your cute little lady could be a happy go lucky type who would suit Hope, or Daisy. Inspiration from the Oregon Trail legends can provide a unique and lovely name for your new family member.

The Oregon Trail Dog Names in Pop Culture

The Oregon Trail Dog Name Considerations

Everyone wants a unique name for their new dog. But unique can sometimes mean difficult, awkward or even be unclear as to its meaning. Simple sounding names such as Bison or Dusty are simple to say, they don't sound too similar to command words (which saves confusing your dog). Sensible names are best, and can be easy to call out and command your dog when needed. Names that roll easily off your tongue work best when you may have to recall your pet in the case of him running off on a chase. Take the nature of your dog into consideration before naming them and remember, a puppy will not remain that way for long. They have a habit of blooming before your eyes and before you know it, you have a solid chunk of dog where there was once a tiny little fur ball. So Tiny, Tinker Bell or Dixie are best reserved for miniature breeds, not Great Danes, Rottweilers or Mastiffs. The name will leap out at you from a list like this once you have gotten to know your dog fully.
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