The Powerpuff Girls Inspired Dog Names

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For fans of late 90s/early 2000s cartoons, few were as funny, pop-relevant and cute as The Powerpuff Girls and the show has two Primetime and two Annie Awards to prove it. Straight from the creative mind of Craig McCracken, also known for hits like Dexter’s Laboratory and Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends, The Powerpuff Girls reinvented the classic superhero model and with it, also brought plenty of ridiculous and hilarious villains. Of course, for our purposes, the best part is they also came with a fantastic roster of names for potential dog namers to choose from that will leave little doubt as to their origins.

The Powerpuff Girls Inspired Dog Names in Pop Culture

The Powerpuff Girls Inspired Dog Name Considerations

When trying to find an appropriate Powerpuff Girls themed name, we first suggest compiling a list of your dog’s strongest traits, from their looks to their quirks and personality, as this will be the easiest basis to work from. Once you’ve done that, you can scroll down our list or supplemental character lists and see what or whom they share the most in common with. 

For example, if they are cute and sweet but also have a tough side (or can seemingly talk to other animals), then Bubbles would be a perfect fit. For those in a small package but with a lot of attitude, Buttercup would be a good choice. If your dog tends to be a bit reckless, prone to monkeying around or has all white paws, then Mojo or Jojo would be great picks. Big fluffy dogs would be well-suited with Fuzzy or Lumpkins while Ace, Snake or Slim would be appropriate for lanky and skinny dogs.

There are plenty of directions you can go, so don’t hesitate to great creative and experiment with a few different things, everything from their haircuts to their tongue color. After all, without experimentation, none of McCracken, fans or even Professor Utonium would have The Powerpuff Girls!

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