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There are many methods that new pet parents can use when choosing a new name for their pets. Many people will choose a name for their canine companion that honors a previous pet or a close family member, while others may choose one that closely matches the name of a pet that they have already. Some pet parents look for suitable names in favorite pieces of literature, movies, or even favorite songs and singers. For new pet owners who feel like their dog is a lucky magical charm in their life, the names on this list may appeal! 

Dog Names Meaning Magical Charm in Pop Culture

Dog Name Meaning Magical Charm Considerations

There are several ways to choose an appropriate name for a new canine companion from a list of magical charms and symbols. The appearance of the dog may lend itself to certain names, a small brown or copper colored dog may be given names like Acorn or Penny, while a dog that has many different colors in their coat may find a name like Pysanka to be more fitting. The dog’s breed or origin may also lead you in the right direction giving names like Clover or Bell to an Irish Terrier or a Kerry Beagle, while names like Qilin, Jin Chan, or Origami may be more appropriate for Asian dogs like the Japanese Chin or the Korean Jindo. Your own interests and aims may also influence your decision; actors and actresses may choose a name like Jasper, a particularly beneficial stone for their profession, and an entomologist may be more likely to choose a name like Ladybug or Scarab to honor their field of study. For those who are naming a pair of dogs, there is even the option of naming them after a pair of good luck dolls that were given to soldiers during World War I, Nenette (or Nanette) and Rintintin. 

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