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Thor is one of the most recognizable Marvel superheroes. Out of their pantheon of heroes, there is something about Thor that makes him a fan favorite. There are many reasons for this and most of it is due to his character. He is brave and fearless, while still having a sense of humor. His fish-out-of-water antics while on earth delighted audiences everywhere in his feature film. There is a reason why he got his own stand-alone trilogy of movies recently, and we could not be happier about it. He also has a bunch of friends and foes with interesting names. 

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Thor Inspired Dog Name Considerations

In Norse legends, Thor was the God of Thunder. There are numerous legends about him and his mighty hammer Mjolnir. Even his weapon has an interesting story, it will only be picked up by him, or whosoever is worthy of ruling Asgard. He is the son of Odin and frequently goes on exciting adventures. In the myths, he often must deal with Loki the god of Mischief. In the comics and movies, Loki is his adopted brother. The two have an interesting dynamic, with Loki often causing mayhem and his brother forgiving him. Of course, this can attest to Thor’s patience since Loki has literally stabbed him several times.

Thor’s world is full of interesting people. Either good or bad, it does not matter because all of them are interesting. They are layered characters with motivations and backstories. Each person has traits that make them different from one another. When looking through this naming guide, you will find a name that fits your dog’s personality. It might be a villainous name that sounds perfect or a hero’s name that will make your dog sound more heroic. Either way, naming your new dog is going to be a lot of fun. 

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German Shepherd
Carleton, MI

we plan to get another boy and name him Loki and their names just came to us

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