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One of the best food groups in the world has to be the fruit category. Whether we’re peeling an orange on the go or making a banana-strawberry smoothie, fruit makes its way into our lives. Lemon brightens up the blandest of dishes, and apples are forever the kings of famous pies, turnovers, and ciders. Fruit is all around us. It’s healthy and gives us the boost we need, just like our beloved dogs do. Why not try a fruit-inspired dog name for your pup today? If you’ve recently purchased, adopted, or rescued a four-legged companion, let your fruit-loving, dog-obsessed heart have some fun as you choose what goes on that collar tag!

Fruit Inspired Dog Names in Pop Culture

Fruit Inspired Dog Name Considerations

Big bowls of fruit rest in the center of our counter tops and dining room tables. We use fruit for decorations and make beautiful salads and desserts using peaches, limes, raspberries, and kiwis, just to name a few. Many of us begin our day with a dose of healthy, delicious fruit. Perhaps it’s your go-to food, as your pet is your go-to confidant. So many comparisons may be drawn between your dog and fruits: they’re both sweet, tender, healthy for you, and overall, simply delightful. Consider choosing one of your favorite fruits for your new pup's or rescue’s name.

“Mango,” “Raisin,” “Persimmon,” “Kiwi,” “Fig,” and “Apricot” all sound like pretty natural titles for your fur baby. You might even try a more specific fruit name, though. Something like “Navel,” “Gala,” “McIntosh,” or “Seville,” is certainly fruit-inspired, just less overt with regard to those fruits perhaps. “Banana” could be the perfect tag for your Dachshund, while “Blackberry” could very well suit your Labrador. You might give your white Poodle the moniker “Coconut” or your constantly and humorously drooling buddy the name “Watermelon.” The fruity possibilities are endless. We hope our name guide helps you get started. Feel free to look for more ideas as you make your grocery list or shop in the market!

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