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Is your new pooch full of spunk and vinegar? Well, then you are probably going to want to name the four-legged bundle of energy a sassy name that denotes just how lively the ball of fluff can be. Puppies are fun but even older dogs can exhibit a sassy attitude that probably makes you chuckle. When picking a name for your new canine, you might want to consider showcasing their sassy attitude and personality. We've done the work for you and have chosen a myriad of names that may be just the fit for your spunky pup.

Dog Names Meaning Sassy in Pop Culture

Dog Name Meaning Sassy Considerations

Sassy is an attitude. Some canines have it and use it but others might lack the characteristic. If you are one of the owners with a sassy pooch then don’t hesitate to capitalize on it. Showcase the endearing quality by bestowing a cute moniker on your dog. 

Some breeds just look sassy. Little dogs often think they are big dogs in a small package. They won’t hesitate to bark and start a fight with a huge dog. They are also little hellions when it comes to protecting their owners. This is the epitome of a sassy personality. It showcases the true attitude of a dog thinking that they are all that, even if they are munchkin size. Many owners of small dogs want to really show their little dog's fearless nature by naming them something that belies the characteristic.

Don’t think that a sassy personality is reserved for a small dog because a big dog can strut their stuff too and make everyone in the room know that the are all that. Some big dogs have an aloof air but a spunky dog is outgoing and friends with everyone. 

When thinking of a sassy dog name, you should consider the names of famous canines that displayed such a personality trait. You can also just go with a word that denotes the meaning or a similar definition. 

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