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Germanic Mythology refers to all of the myths, legends, fantastical stories and tales which primarily originate from Northern Europe. Saxons, Goths, and Norsemen would all be considered Germanic peoples in the modern world and each of these cultures, as well as many others, have contributed to Germanic Mythological Lore in some way or another. Now you may think that you don't know the slightest thing about Germanic Mythology if you're not a Mythology buff, but if you've ever heard of the likes of Odin the Allfather or Thor the Thunderer then you may be more familiar with Germanic Mythology than you may have originally thought.

Germanic Mythology Dog Names In Pop Culture

Germanic Mythology Dog Name Considerations

Why give your dog a name that's inspired by Germanic Mythology? Well if the popularity of Marvel comic's renditions of Thor the God of Thunder, Loki the God of Mischief, and Odin the King of the Aesir are anything to go by, people are still really intrigued by figures from Germanic Mythology even after all of the centuries since the tales about them were first told. If you're looking to give your dog an ancient name with a lot of history and meaning behind it, we feel that you can't go wrong by giving your pet a name based off of a figure from Germanic Mythology.

There's definitely no shortage of gods, monsters, demigods, and heroes to name your pet after, should you choose to name them after a figure from Germanic Mythology; Freya is a great name based on a goddess from Germanic Mythology that dog owners who are looking to give their pets a beautiful feminine name should definitely consider. Freya is something like a Nordic equivalent to the Greek goddess Aphrodite; both goddesses were renowned for their incredibly good looks and were said to be the chief goddesses of beauty, fertility, and love in their respective pantheons. 

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