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Named after the French word for “butterfly”, the Papillon is an ancient dog breed with a colorful history recorded as far back as seven centuries ago. In fact, the breed was often seen in paintings by Old Masters that have been around since the 16th century. The name is a reference to the Papillon’s upright ears, which is reminiscent of the outspread wings of a butterfly. Another variety of the breed with dropping ears is the Phalene, the French word for moth. The Papillon is an energetic and outgoing dog that needs constant stimulation and exercise. Despite its size, the breed has a big-dog personality and a keen sense of awareness, making it a great watchdog. Its trainability, playfulness and guard dog instincts make it the perfect family pet and companion.

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Papillon Dog Name Considerations

One of the most exciting parts of having a new dog is picking out a name for it. Oftentimes, dog owners try to keep it short and simple by choosing a name that doesn’t exceed two syllables. This makes sense because dogs normally only grasp the first one or two syllables of a word. If you do not want to settle for the common dog names, you can also use your pup’s attributes as a source of inspiration. Papillons are characterized by their lively personality, petite frame, their butterfly-shaped ears and a long layer of coat that comes in a variety of colors, such as white, sable and a combination of colors like black and white and fawn and white, to name a few. With these qualities in consideration, you can surely rack up some ideas for a name for your new dog. For instance, if you have a white female Papillon, you can name her “Lily”, after the flower. Or, if you have a male Papillon who won’t stay still, you can name him “Dash”.

Aside from the dog’s qualities, you can also use their background as an inspiration for a name. While the Papillon’s history is remains a mystery, the breed came into recognition thanks to Louis XIV of France, who bought multiple dogs for French royalty. During his reign, the Papillon became a popular breed in Europe. Hence, a French name, or any other references to French culture, would be a good fit for your Papillon.

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Daisy's name story for Papillon Dog Names
Boston, MA

We wanted a name that would fit her upbeat personality. Daisy was the perfect choice.

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