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The Blue Heeler, not to be confused with the Texas Heeler, is a herding dog who was developed to be a hardy dog in the tough outback of Australia. He was bred to help drive livestock from one grazing area to another. He originally belonged to those workers known as "drovers." He was bred not only to perform his job, but also to withstand the heat and dangerous terrain of the Australian outback. His main job is to nip at the heels of the livestock who, on their own, might choose to stand still rather than keep moving toward market or new grazing pastures.

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Blue Heeler Dog Name Considerations

The Blue Heeler originates in Australia, a country (and continent!) known for its original way of living. In Australia, you cook chicken over the "barbie" rather than slow-cook it in a smoker or Bar-B-Que. One does not say "Good morning;" he or she says "G'day, Mate!" Certainly, names popular to Australia would make great dog names for a dog originating in that country. Popular male names in The Land Down Under are Angus, Banjo, Henry, and Lachlan (which can be shortened to the nickname Lockie). Female names popular in Australia are Sheila, Poppy, Matilda, and Alice (which is also reminiscent of the Alice Springs area on the continent of Australia).

Another inspiration for Blue Heeler names concerns names that are inspired by the country of Australia and its extraordinary culture. One source for these names might be the Aboriginals of Australia. The Aboriginals indigenous to the continent are the oldest living culture of its kind worldwide. Alinta, Bindi, and Jedda are all great Aboriginal female names for your Blue Heeler. Marlee, Merindah, and Daku are unique names for your male Blue Heeler. Finally, a name that isn't very creative, but is inspired by the dog itself is the name "Blue" for your blue-merle patterned Heeler. 

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Bandit's name story for Blue Heeler Dog Names
Blue Heeler
Tignall, GA

Burt Reynolds

Bella's name story for Blue Heeler Dog Names
Blue Heeler
Oklahoma City, OK

we got her from a paraide

Ace's name story for Blue Heeler Dog Names
Blue Heeler
Hopkinsville, KY

Just always liked the name ace.

Bb's name story for Blue Heeler Dog Names
Blue Heeler
Outlook, WA

BB's name came from her previous owner BarBara

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