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When most of us think of superheroes, we typically think of pristine women and men who wear personalized costumes and have the physiques of goddesses and gods. While that description may fit the bulk of the world's most famous heroes, it doesn't fit every single crime buster out there. Indeed, there are a number of heroes who look like average Joes and Janes and others, still, who hardly even look human. Regardless of their external appearances, these characters are no less heroic and won't hesitate to put themselves in harm's way for the greater good. The Swamp Thing is one of those characters that fall into that latter category - looking like a sentient swamp but having the heart of a hero all the same.

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Saga of the Swamp Thing Inspired Dog Name Considerations

The phrase The Saga of the Swamp Thing refers to Swamp Thing's very own comic series that was initially released in the 1980s. The series featured beautiful artwork created by folks like John Constanza and was written by the notorious Alan Moore. Mystery and intrigue were the names of the games played throughout the series' decades-long run; The Saga of the Swamp Thing primarily focused on a doctor named Alec Holland. At the start of the series, Dr. Holland is working on a miraculous chemical compound with his wife Linda. Things go awry, Alec loses his life and is resurrected as a sentient mass of vegetation that begins calling itself Swamp Thing. Things only get stranger from there, as Alec discovers more about the supernatural world he's been pulled into.

As one might expect from a series about a sapient plant, The Saga of the Swamp Thing has a very strong eco-conscious angle behind it; Swamp Thing used to be called "the superhero for hippies" by members of the comic fanbase back in the day. Though this claim had a playful angle to it, it's somewhat true; if you're a person who cares deeply about nature and the environment, then you ought to start reading The Saga of the Swamp Thing ASAP! Look no further than monikers like Anton, Holland, Tef and Sprout as you combine your love of the natural world with the search for a dog name.

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