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There’s nothing quite as stunning in the feline world as a fluffy, Persian cat. These kitties are one of the oldest cat breeds in the world, and are believed to originate in ancient Mesopotamia, later known as Persia. When they arrived in Europe, their luxuriously long and silky coats seduced everyone from peasant to royalty, so it was no surprise when they won the top prize at the very first cat show in 1871.

If you are lucky enough to have a Persian in your life, you’ll want to choose a name that reflects their beauty, ancient origins or purrsonality. Check out these unique names to give your furry bud a title worthy of this stunning and historic breed.

Persian Cat Names in Pop Culture

Persian Cat Name Considerations

Giving your Persian kitty a name from their homeland is a great way to honor their heritage, and many of these ancient monikers sound exotic to the western ear. But your Persian also has several characteristics that could inspire a pawfect name.

Persians sport gorgeous long-hair that comes in many colors, including tri-colors and even calico. If you’ve got a kitty who looks like the white Fancy Feast cat, perhaps a Ghost, Everest or even Ivory would fit. Bleu or Skye would be great names for a blue colored feline, while Smokey or Misty would be better for a gray cat. Or how about Champagne for an off-white or tan coat, or Caramel or Latte for a brown one?

Often, the eyes that peer out of that luxurious coat are just as stunning, so maybe a name that reflects those heavenly orbs would fit your furry feline. Try Sapphire or Indigo for blue eyes, or Jade or Ivy for green ones. For those copper eyes, perhaps Amber, or Topaz for eyes that are just undefinable.

Many Persians are pretty laid-back, and are often affectionate cuddlers. Names like Honey or Serenity may better suit your kitty’s disposition. But for your fluffy ruler, Leo may just say it all. 

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