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If you’re any kind of tech nerd, computer enthusiast of any type or just plain love an intense series, chances are you’re a fan of Mr. Robot. Unlike many shows and films that have come before it, which largely portray hacking and the culture that surrounds it with accuracy equivalent to an axe-thrower trying to solder a microchip, Mr. Robot was actually written and created by someone close to the source, that is, someone with at least a fair amount of experience. In doing so, he brought to life a storyline fit for both reality and Hollywood and with it, introduced a killer cast of unique characters complete with names as idiosyncratic as their personalities — the perfect fodder for Mr. Robot-themed dog naming. 

Mr. Robot Dog Names in Pop Culture

Mr. Robot Dog Name Considerations

Luckily for you, giving your dog an appropriate name is considerably easier than hacking mega corporations — although if you want to give them something particularly and personally suitable, you’ll need to do a bit more work than just sitting down at your keyboard. Of course, you can always take the easy road and just name them after your favorite character, but for anyone looking for something deeper, you’ll need to first consider your dog’s most defining characteristics and work from there to find a match with one of the show’s characters, concepts, or titles. 

For instance, if you consider your dog your therapist (which is okay, trust us, you’re not alone), then Gordon, after Krista Gordon, Elliot’s therapist, would be perfectly suitable. If your dog is particularly stubborn or reluctant to change, then Zero would be a good choice, as it plays off of the one-or-the-other concept of binary, but also plays on the concept of “zero days” which the show explores. If your dog is particularly confident and bold, then Brave, Fernando, and Vera would all be good options. 

There are tons of directions you can go with your interpretations of your dog’s traits as well as how they tie into the show’s characters and ideas, so don’t be afraid to get creative or re-watch the show for further inspiration. Either that or just hack someone else’s great name. 

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