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There is perhaps nothing more iconic than Cinderella's Castle at the Magic Kingdom.  This is due mostly to it being one of the most recognized symbols in children and family entertainment.  Thousands of people flock to the Magic Kingdom annually, to experience the magic of Disney and many even bring their dogs with them.  Several Disney Resorts are pet-friendly and encourage owners to vacation with their best friends.  Many people who enjoy the Magic Kingdom's entertainment are also huge dog lovers and sometimes choose to name their best friend a Magic Kingdom themed name.  Dog owners have a lot of options to choose from within this theme.

Magic Kingdom Inspired Dog Names in Pop Culture

Magic Kingdom Inspired Dog Name Considerations

The Magic Kingdom is the Happiest Place on Earth and many owners transfer that happiness to their dog's name.  When it comes to choosing a Magic Kingdom name for a dog, there is little restriction on breed, size, or color of dogs.  Every dog can find the perfect Magic Kingdom name, though some might be more specific to certain types of dogs, just like with most dog-naming themes.  Before selecting the perfect name for your dog, consider his or her breed and how big your dog will become in adulthood.  Magic Kingdom characters like Baloo, Quasi, and Simba are associated with large Disney characters and are better-suited to big breed dogs.  The same is true for smaller dogs.  Small dog names to consider are Gus, Thumper, and Tink.  

The Magic Kingdom is also host to several dogs throughout its history.  Some dog owners may wish to consider Disney dog names, like Pluto, Pongo, and Lady.  The list of Magic Kingdom dog names is very extensive, and dog owners can even match breeds to certain names, like Jock for a Scottish Terrier, Georgette for a French Poodle, and Percy for a Pug.    

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