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Among fans of Marvel Comics and Dc Comics, one question always seems to arise every so often that ignites flame wars which last for ages; what character from the Marvel Universe could stack up to Superman? Some fans have posited that the Hulk could do the job only for that suggestion to be shot down due to the Hulk's (typical) lack of intelligence. Others have tossed up Thor, who tends to be dismissed for being a magical being as well as his reliance on Mjolnir. For years, no one from the Marvel Universe could seem to serve as a suitable answer to this question. Then in 2000, Paul Jenkins and Jae Lee introduced The Sentry to the Marvel Universe... reminding the fandom to be careful what they wish for.

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The Sentry Inspired Dog Name Considerations

If you're a fan of Superman then you may end up liking The Sentry quite a lot. You may also be surprised as to why, in the end. As Marvel's analogue to Superman, The Sentry shares a number of traits with the Man of Steel; both men wear costumes that sport large S's on them, both heroes are powerhouses who can fly and have superhuman strength, and both characters are key members of their respective universe's most prominent superhero organizations (the Justice League and the Avengers respectively). That's about where the similarities end, however, for if The Sentry was meant to be a mirror for the Last Son of Krypton then he's a broken, dented one at that. 

For all the ways that they're similar, The Sentry was created to be something of a dark version of Superman. An evil being known as The Void wrestles with Robert Reynolds (The Sentry's true self) on a daily basis. Robert is mostly able to keep The Void in check but there have been massive casualties when he's been unable to control it. Indeed, Jenkins and Lee created The Sentry as a way of showing that just because one can create a character with the powers of Superman doesn't mean that one can create a character with the, well, character of Superman. And that the sort of power he wields shouldn't just be given to anyone to sate a few internet arguments. Fans of both The Sentry and Superman and will have many choices of names to consider; take a look at your new pup's personality and match them with a Justice, Soldier, Goldie, Scarlet or Emma, to name a few.

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