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In 2012, Dreamworks Animation released the movie Rise of the Guardians which is based on the book The Guardians of Childhood by William Joyce. This story is told from the view point of Jack Frost, who was given his powers by the Man in the Moon after falling into a frozen lake in order to save his sister. Jack meets other famous character such as Saint Nicholas, the Easter Bunny, and the Toothfairy as they gather into a team in order to ward off the nightmares of Pitch Black, the Boogeyman. If you love tales about magic and wonder, than either version of the Guardian's adventures are most likely something that you have (or will) enjoy.

Rise of the Guardians Inspired Dog Names in Pop Culture

Rise of the Guardians Inspired Dog Name Considerations

A few breeds that would work marvelously with this theme would be a Jack Russel Terrier (for Jack Frost), a Hungarian Pumi (a new breed that has ears like a rabbit), and the Saint Bernard (for characters like Saint Nicholas St. North and Sandman). Because Rise of the Guardians is based on a book, there are lots of amazing character types to choose from. Whether you like fairies, rabbits, dreams, Santa Claus, or frosty winter days, there is a name here that will fit your pup like a glove. Personality wise, it is easy to see that a name like "Jack Frost" would be perfect for a spritely little dog that loves to get into mischief. Loyalty and determination would also be primary factors that could fit this title well. If you have a pup that loves naps and has a dreamy, relaxed personality, then the name "Sandy" (for the Sandman" might be the perfect fit, and this is a unisex name! When it comes to appearance, breeds that have somewhat of unique features or markings would be something to consider for names in this list. Papillons, who have large yet petite looking ears, or the Pembroke Welsh Corgi who bears the "fairy saddle" mark on their back would both suit a Rise of the Guardians name.
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