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The Flat-Coated Retriever is equally as good at hunting on land or from the water. This smart, happy breed is still very popular today and can be seen at conformation, rally, obedience, and agility events. The Flat-Coated Retriever is also a wonderful companion and therapy dog. They are active dogs that must have a job to complete or boredom will set in, causing them to be unruly and difficult to live with. The Flat-Coated Retriever does best with an active family that has the time to spend training and playing with them. After deciding on a Flat-Coated Retriever for your family and locating a responsible breeder, it will be time for the family to find a name for their new addition. 

Flat-Coated Retriever Dog Names in Pop Culture

Flat-Coated Retriever Dog Name Considerations

When adding a Flat-Coated Retriever to your family, you will be adding a playmate, protector, and companion. When properly socialized and trained, you will have a wonderful dog that brings much joy into your life. Being a breed that originated in the United Kingdom, finding a name that has UK roots makes sense. There are a multitude of names that have an English flare and a meaning that appropriately describes your new dog’s personality. Look for a name that does not have too many syllables and does not sound too much like a command you will be using in their training. For instance, Alfie is a cute name that means handsome or wise. Rupert is a classic name that means bright or shining.  Girl puppies named after flowers would also be a good choice for a Flat-Coated Retriever such as Lily, Daisy or Poppy. Pay attention to the names of other dogs in your neighborhood, you do not really want to duplicate a name and cause possible confusion when you are out walking. If your new pup is for the entire family, make sure everyone has some input on the name. Make a list of potential names and then start eliminating names until you have reached an agreement. 

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