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Choosing the name for your new puppy can be a fun as well as a challenging experience.  There are many ways in which to choose the perfect name for your new precious pup.  You could get deeply into research and stress yourself out considerably more than necessary, or, you could relax and keep it simple.  Puppy names don't have to be complicated nor do they have to be typical and boring.   Unusual names, human names and even some from pop culture will work quite nicely and can make that lovely, lively little pup a true member of the family.

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Dog Names With 2 Words Considerations

As you ponder the moniker of that newest member of the family, remember not to choose a name that sounds too similar to commands you might need to give her while training as this can be confusing for her.  While it is also true that many recommend keeping the name to one or two syllables to keep it simple for her, you can choose a name which is more complex and use a shorter nickname to call your new pup, for example, you might name him Hairy Paw-ter and nickname him "Harry" or name her Jiff Pom and nickname her "Jiffy" or "Pom-Pom".  Of course, also keep in mind that you can use clues to stimulate your imagination like her coat color or texture, his breed or some of the cute behaviors you see displayed.  The name you choose can be a pun, from pop culture, from your favorite movie characters or book characters, your favorite comfort food or a family name.  Whatever method you choose for stimulating your imagination, just remember to keep it simple and relax....naming your precious pooch can be fun and can allow you to pick that perfect-for-her name that's like no other.
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