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Romania - it's not all vampires, bats, and blood. It's also a country full of old traditions, people who have endured several dramatic changes due to volatile politics, and a stray dog problem. The good news, however, is that the Romanians do care, and plans have continuously been placed since the 1980's to try and resolve this issue. So, if you want to give your dog a Romanian name, you've come to the right place! Here are 60 names that are sure to meet any vampiric or political, or even cultural needs. Well, what are you waiting for, go scroll through them!

Romanian Dog Names in Pop Culture

Romanian Dog Name Considerations

When you name your dog, there are a few helpful things to consider. Things that make the process a bit easier, a bit simpler. But more than that, things that ensure the name you pick actually reflects your dog. Some of these things are breed, size, color, overall appearance, personality, and preferences (favorite meals, treats, toys, and games). You'd be surprised how helpful this collection of information can actually be. It is unique information, focusing on what makes your dog different from all others.

However, you're currently reading a Romania guide, so think about how that relates too. Is your dog a Romanian breed, or rescue? Was your dog living in Romania before? How about you, do you have any ties to Romania? If you're just wanting a Romanian name because you're looking for vampire references, that works too. Whatever the reason, make sure you know exactly what it is, so that you can better focus on it and get the name you really want. Just remember, whatever name you choose should reflect your dog. Or at least be ironically funny. It's up to you. When you find it, you'll know it beyond a shadow of a doubt, that's for sure. So don't settle!

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Community Dogs with Romanian Names

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