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North Carolina holds the distinction of being among the first thirteen colonies. In fact, North Carolina sent delegates to the Continental Congress with the instructions to vote in favor of independence from Great Britain. North Carolina has a reputation for doing its own thing! North Carolina was home to many plantations in the business of raising tobacco, but the state was the last to secede from the Union during the Civil War conflict. Kitty Hawk, the site of the first manned self-propelled airplane flight, rests in North Carolina. A dog from North Carolina may deserve a unique name, or an individual may choose to honor the Southern roots of the state and choose a traditional dog name.

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North Carolina Dog Name Considerations

When a person thinks of North Carolina, they often think of the beauty of the state. North Carolina shares a portion of the Great Smoky National Park with its sister state, Tennessee. The Biltmore Estate, the vacation home of the Vanderbilts, is located in Asheville. Many historic homes dating back to the Revolutionary Era still stand in North Carolina, making it a place that favors tradition. Most people might be surprised to learn that North Carolina's Reed Gold Mine was the first documented gold mine, even before the California Gold Rush of 1848. Names exemplifying beauty, tradition, and innovation are in order for those wishing to name a pup after Carolinian values. 

The Plott Hound is the state dog of North Carolina, and, like most other Southern states, hunting is a favorite pastime for the state's citizens. The top three most popular dogs in the state are the Labrador Retriever, the German Shepherd, and the Beagle. (Not surprisingly, two of those dogs are known for their tracking and retrieving prowess.) 

Of course, many Southern belles enjoy small "lap" dogs, and North Carolina tends to favorite designer dogs such as the Goldendoodle, the Maltipoo, and the Morkie. Some owners tend to give these pups either a very traditional name. For those with small dogs, the owner may saddle the dog with a name denoting their fragility. The variety of names is fitting for the diversity of this beautiful state.

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