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People lift weights for all sorts of different reasons; some people do it to improve their health, others do it to change their physiques, and others do it to increase their natural strength. Indeed, weightlifting is a very complex aspect of physical fitness - there are those who view weightlifting as a sport while others may see the field as a lifestyle or even a hobby. No matter one's outlook on weightlifting, there are many health benefits that one can gain from "pumping iron" even a few times a week. Furthermore, dogs can also benefit from working out with weights once properly instructed.

Weightlifting Inspired Dog Names In Pop Culture

Weightlifting Inspired Dog Name Considerations

One reason a person may name their new furry family addition after a figure or concept related to the field of weightlifting would be if they lifted weights themselves. Whether you lift weights purely for aesthetic purposes or whether you pump iron to train for the Olympics, folks who regularly work with weights are likely very well versed and ingrained in the culture. Depending on how seriously you take weightlifting, you've likely modified and tailored many aspects of your life to get the most out of weightlifting. Depending on how deeply you're invested into the field, you're probably familiar with a number of classic bodybuilders and weightlifters like Ronnie Coleman, Paul Anderson, and - of course - Arnold Schwarzenegger. You could name your pet after one of these figures to pay homage to weightlifting as a whole - there are plenty of famous women and men who have shattered weightlifting records from all around the world. 

Another reason to give your dog a weightlifting name could simply be as simple as you liking the sound of a particular exercise or piece of equipment; right off the top of our heads, naming a dog Barbie could be a cheeky way to reference barbells. The same even goes for Darbie, though that name is admittedly not as common. Still, we think you get the idea!

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