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Was your puppy born on a stormy day or night?  Or maybe you enjoy the sound of thunder and rain. In some cases, you might be a lover of winter weather and anxiously anticipate the beauty of a snowstorm? Maybe you have a sense of humor and want to call your dog a funny name because of the old saying, "it's raining cats and dogs?" There are many reasons why you might want to name your beloved dog after a storm or a famous weather occurrence.  Whatever handle you pick to call your pooch, people will probably wonder why you chose the name, making the name a great conversation starter.

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Dog Name Meaning Storm Considerations

The sound of rain or hail hitting the roof is frightening for some people and soothing for others. Some people find storms exhilarating, but others want to hide under the bed. Dogs often have the same reactions as their human companions. Many dogs are terrified of a storm, but others seem unphased. 

Scientists often hypothesize that some dogs are afraid of thunder merely because they do not understand the sound. They cannot decipher where it is coming from so they become confused. Many pooches hide under tables, beds or blankets when a loud clap of thunder erupts. Some owners are even forced to turn the volume up on the television or play music to drown out the sound to soothe their pooch. Many canines are so terrified of a storm that they even require a sedative to calm their frazzled nerves. 

When considering a dog name meaning storm you might want to think about snow, rain, sleet, hail, or even wind. There are innumerable storm-centered handles that might fit. Anemone is an exotic sounding Greek name for weather. Tempest means stormy. For a male dog, why not try Bayu, which is Indonesian for windy? Another male name is Thor. Thor was the Norse god of all storms and weather occurrences. 

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