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Wonder Woman is a triumph and an icon for people everywhere. The lovely princess from Themyscira has been around to inspire girls for a long time. She has earned her place in the pantheon of comic book gods and in fan’s hearts. With the massive strides that the movie took in terms of equality and upliftment, it is no wonder that you would want to give your dog a name that is linked to this mighty woman. With a wide array of characters to choose from, we’ll help you find your dog a name Wonder Woman would be proud of. 

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Wonder Woman Inspired Dog Name Considerations

Considering the motives behind Wonder Woman, it is no surprise that her first live-action film did so well at the box office. She was created by William Moulton Marston a psychologist and writer who modelled her after various feminist icons. When Marston created her during World War II, she was a source of inspiration during the war and on several occasions, she smashed the common damsel in distress trope. She gave many women the inspiration to stand up and fight for themselves. Little girls grew up watching her be a strong and independent woman, which modelled their own view of the world and of themselves.

Why wouldn’t you want to give your special canine a name that links back to such an inspiring character? Since her story has been around for so long, there are many characters in her universe. From hair-raising villains to useful allies, all the names on this list have some link back to Wonder Woman. Whether they were writers, actors or characters, they have something to do with the demi-goddess herself. Or maybe it is a name inspired by one of her qualities such as bravery, strength and honesty, either way, all these names have meanings. Does your dog think she is a goddess, too? Is she courageous and always looking out for you? Is his or her stance proud and strong? If you are a lover of the Wonder Woman films, then a name based on this theme will be perfect! 

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Labrador Retriever
York Beach, ME

We wanted an original and cute name for our puppy and we all love the wonder woman series and new movie.

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