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Webster's Dictionary defines the term hilarious as extremely amusing or hysterically funny. When we dog owners think about our pups and their antics, we are sure to remember some extremely funny moments with our pets. Certainly, our four-legged furbabies are often funny just by being themselves. They may make us laugh as we watch them play. They may perform tricks that we consider funny. They may make faces that show their zany personality. While we as owners may have different opinions as to what makes our pup funny, most pet parents agree that our dogs give us many laughs over their lifetimes.

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Without a doubt, any dog breed - or any dog - for that matter can be hysterically amusing and funny. However, some dog breeds seem to have more of a penchant for silliness than others. The Boston Terrier is a mix of energy, sass, and humor. The Boston will greet you at the door with - literally - a smile, and, by the time you can set down your keys, the Boston is performing. They may jump, bark, or bring you a toy with which to play fetch. After a long day, the Boston is sure to bring a smile just by happily greeting you. However, the Boston's silliness doesn't stop there. Some Bostons race through the house, circling the couch and running up and down the hallway as if they are running the Kentucky Derby. Some Bostons do funny things even when being lazy. Have a throw blanket on your furniture? You may notice the Boston missing, only to find them tucked warmly under said blanket. If you happen to catch them in the act of getting under the blanket, then be prepared for a laugh! Other times, the Boston may sleep on their back as if they have not a care in the world! While many other dog breeds can be considered tricksters or comedians, the Boston Terrier is quite the entertaining breed.
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