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Canines have often been faced with what seems like insurmountable hardships, but they persevere. If your dog is a survivor then why not pick a name that showcases your pooch's ability to live through hard times? Maybe you adopted your best friend from an animal shelter, or your furry buddy was a rehome. Perhaps, your dog didn't always have an easy life, and you are amazed at how your buddy pulled through the hard times to emerge your best friend and companion.

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Dog Name Meaning Survivor Considerations

Canines have been used to search for survivors for over 300 years. For example, the monks in the Swiss Alps used Saint Bernard dogs to search for survivors of avalanches. 

Dogs are not only survivors but their will to live and thrive is one of the critical characteristics that makes them such ideal rescue animals. During times of natural disaster, the National Disaster Search Dog Foundation sends forth it best canine rescuers to search for survivors. Not all canines make good rescue dogs. Specific characteristics that are required for the job include boldness, energetic exuberance, athletism, confidence, sure-footedness, love to search, and excellent health. 

If a survivor of a natural disaster is buried beneath rubble, mud, or debris, then that person is relying on a rescue dog's ability to hear and sniff. Although Bloodhounds have historically been associated with search and rescue work, any breed can perform the task if the animal has the drive. A dog's ability to smell is 10,000 to 100,000 time better than that of humans. The sense of smell lets the dog decipher scents in the search for victims. 

You might want to pick a name that indeed shows your pet's survival instincts and ability to go above and beyond when necessary. Consider unique tags like Albern, Elda, Magnar and Tesha, all names that denote survival.

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