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Durban is a city on the east coast of South Africa that ranks as the third-most populated after Cape Town and Johannesburg. It boasts beautiful beaches, a subtropical climate, and also has the busiest port in the whole of South Africa.

Because of its prominence, and being home to close to three and a half million people, it’s not surprising that people might look for Durban dog names. Giving your dog a name that relates to your home city can be a lovely gesture – particularly if you have moved away and get a little homesick.

Before you welcome your new dog home, consider the following options for Durban dog names. 

Durban Dog Names in Pop Culture

Durban Dog Name Considerations

You might think that coming up with Durban dog names is easy, and it might be. However, coming up with names is one thing, but getting them to suit your new pooch is another. There has to be a method to your madness, so why not consider your dog’s gender, the type of name you’re looking for, and your new family addition’s character?

Gender is essential if you are going to name your dog after someone prominent from Durban with a gender-specific name. For example, Benjamin, or Ben, from which the city gets its name, is more suitable for a male dog instead of a female.

Then, factor in the name type. There are several name options available – not only in the realm of famous people from Durban but tourist hot spots and cultural highlights too. For example, you can use a name like King, which refers to James King who engaged in early trade in South Africa. Or, you could use a name like Durban which is a namesake of the city. Why not pay reference to the second-most common language of Zulu? Inja would make an excellent dog name as it means dog in Zulu.

Factor in your dog’s personality and character traits. If they are fun, Nandi will make a great name, as it’s short for kumnandi which means fun in Zulu. As you can see, there are several opportunities to think outside the square.  

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