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Many of us, upon getting a new dog or puppy, envision many hours playing with and training our pets, teaching them how to behave properly, then showing them new and exciting things to learn, and we hope that they will have the smarts and the focus to learn them. Other people may adopt dogs into their family that are already well-trained, or even dogs intelligent enough that training sessions leave us questioning just who is training who. Whether you are looking to tell the world how smart your canine companion is or just hoping that clumsy pup with the goofy grin is going to take to his training after all, here are a few names to get you started.

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Dog Names Meaning Intelligent Considerations

Choosing a name for your dog is an important but rewarding task, one that can improve their ability to learn new commands and strengthen the bond between you and your dog. A good guideline when choosing a name for a dog is to pick one that is generally simple to pronounce, both for you and for the other members of your household, and one that the dog responds to. There are many names that can hint at your dog’s intelligence, names like Tesla or Einstein, given in honor of great and notable scientists, or names such as Megabyte or Helix after scientific discoveries and advances that have changed our world, but there are also a number of names that actually refer directly to wisdom and to intellect, such as the names on this list, and they may be just right for your new canine companion. Your dog’s size and outward appearance may help you to narrow down the list and giving you choices like Coeus for your large breed dog, Galena for your tiny dog, or Bertrand for that all black dog. Your dog’s breed and heritage can also be used as inspiration with dogs, such as Frode or Sága for your Norwegian Elkhound, Enki or Anahita for your Saluki, and Conrad or Bertha for your German Shorthaired Pointer or Schnauzer. 

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Maya's name story for Dog Names Meaning Intelligent
Seattle, WA

I just thought of it

Mica's name story for Dog Names Meaning Intelligent
Labrador Retriever
Dallas Downtown, TX

I was little my brother always wanna to name my dog a Jewish name...{ no offense } Always my mom said mica and some how we stuck with that one.

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