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Is your new pooch naughty? If so, you might want to pick a unique name that fits his distinctive personality. Puppies are not much different from human children because they both enjoy getting into trouble and, occasionally, tearing things up. Most dogs leave their naughty behavior behind when they reach maturity but others remain rebels that require constant supervision to stay out of trouble. A name meaning naughty can add a bit of fun to the conversation when describing your new family addition!

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Dog Name Meaning Naughty Considerations

Your new dog doesn’t really mean to be naughty. Puppies are notorious for getting into trouble but even an adult dog who lacks any direction or obedience training can find himself literally in the dog house sometimes when their owner finds out about their misadventures. You might start to despair that your dog will never leave behind his never-do-well nature but rest assured all dogs can mature and learn new behaviors with adequate persistence and love from their owners.

A pooch indulges in naughty behavior for a variety of reasons. In many cases, your dog might be actually seeking your attention. A dog knows that if they shred the toilet paper or chew up a pillow their owner will stand up and take notice. Another problem with misbehaved dogs is the simple fact that no one has ever taught the dog that their actions or behaviors are unacceptable. In such cases, enrolling the pooch in basic obedience classes will make a huge difference and may even help you both happily coexist.

Respect is another factor in a dog acting badly. Dogs go through the ‘teenage’ years just like humans. Although such a time is normally around one year old for a canine, it is a tumultuous phase that may seriously try their owner's patience. At such a key time in the canine’s life, they may not respect their owner. Respect is the foundation that everything else is built upon. A dog must feel respect so they will obey even basic commands. Often obedience classes help not only train the dog but also show the owner how to win the canine’s respect

Patience with your canine companion will ultimately pay off. If you follow basic obedience rules and remain understanding your delinquent pooch will eventually start to behave better. However, you might still want to give them a handle that shows just how naughty they have been since bad dogs always have a way of endearing themselves to their owners.

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