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Sealyham Terriers, lovingly nicknamed “Sealies,” move us to both adoration and laughter. One shudders at the thought of the gorgeous, once-popular animals living today as an endangered breed. Honestly, you truly can’t help but melt when these creatures are around. Their calm natures and jolly expressions spellbind us. Normally, terriers are known for their active spirits, but these canines can’t get enough of the couch. Happy to be reclined and snoozing, they’re easygoing and are always up for snuggling with their owners; in fact, you’ll even hear them referred to as the “couch potatoes of terriers.” Don’t be mistaken though, Sealyham Terriers enjoy playtime and are very independent. This intelligent breed was bred to hunt badgers, foxes, and otters. It’s not that they hate activity, it’s just that they’re equally as content lounging indoors. But let it be known that Sealies literally jump at any chance to frolic and delight us with their eccentric facial hair and personalities.

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Sealyham Terrier Dog Name Considerations

The easygoing Sealyham Terriers deserve names that highlight wonderful aspects of the dogs themselves. With such a "best-all-around" kind of breed, though, the list of stellar attributes may seem overwhelming. Try considering their pleasant and comical nature. When that little prince or princess stares up with their tongue outstretched in happiness and their entire body shaking with glee, well, you’d be hard-pressed to find someone who wouldn’t at least crack a grin. It’s almost like the Sealyham has the innate power to tell these hilarious silent jokes. They make us do what others sometimes can’t: they make us laugh.

You might have success pondering actors and actresses who made the Sealyham Terrier famous. You could even list the names of comedians you love. Titles that honor these types of figures will mean something to you, and your friends and family will surely enjoy hearing the story behind your terrier’s name. Further, considering the Sealyham’s laid-back lifestyle and obvious cute-factor will put you on the path to plenty of fitting ideas. You’ll find that the list below acknowledges a wide variety of the Sealie's charms, including their short stature and cheerful disposition. No matter which name you choose, your amenable Sealyham Terrier is sure to approve!

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