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Dogs have been partnered with humankind for over ten thousand years, and one of the first activities that we partnered up in was hunting. Dogs became more specialized and diversified as time went on, but there have always been breeds designed to improve the experience and efficiency of hunting. Whether your dog is helping you flush out rabbits in the backcountry, retrieving ducks from the marsh, or you’re just pretty sure he’s been killing rats in the garage, this list of names that have hunt or hunter in the definition should help to find exactly the right name for your new canine companion. 

Dog Names Meaning Hunter in Pop Culture

Dog Names Meaning Hunter Considerations

 Choosing a name for your new canine companion is one of the earlier responsibilities and privileges of getting a new dog. Picking a name that is comfortable for you to pronounce consistently and repeatedly will help to prevent frustration on your part and confusion on the part of your dog, and choosing one that your dog naturally responds to or that can be clearly heard over long distances may simplify training. People may settle on a name that means hunter for a number of reasons including the dog’s occupation and personality. 

These traits can also be used to help narrow down the list and pinpoint exactly the right name for your canine, picking names like Fowler or Sedna for your water retrieving canine, Yutu or Nyyrikki for your tracking or flushing dog, or maybe Oringo, for the dog that has a passion for hunting, whether he’s supposed to be hunting or not. There are also deities related to hunting in many different cultures, and these can provide inspiration as well, offering options for your dog such as Diana, Podaga, Ah Tabai and Skadi. In some cases, the word itself can be employed as a name, both in English, as Hunter, and in other languages, with names such as Chasseur, Dinta, or Lièrén. 

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