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The Boerboel is a Mastiff-type, powerful dog that was originally bred to guard the homestead and to hunt leopards and baboons. Also known as the South African Mastiff, the Boerboel is the only African breed bred to be a guard dog. They are considered to be one of the most powerful dog breeds in the world. This is not a breed for a novice dog owner. The Boerboel needs a strong leader willing to put the time and effort into properly training their new puppy. Once you have decided the Boerboel is the breed for you, start researching breeders and find one that is willing to work with you to ensure your new puppy is properly socialized and trained.

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Boerboel Dog Name Considerations

The Boerboel is a strong, powerful breed that can be a dangerous breed. This breed has been known to maul adults and children to death and does require extensive training and socialization to be a well-adjusted member of the family. If you are a first time dog owner, do not consider the Boerboel. Families with small children should also not consider the Boerboel for their family’s pet. However, if you have thoroughly researched this breed and feel you can handle the responsibility that comes with owning a Boerboel, carefully interview the breeder. There are health tests that need to be performed on the Boerboel prior to being bred, make sure your breeder has all the proper health documentation and they also handle each puppy from birth for proper socialization. After locating a Boerboel breeder and picking your puppy, you will want to start deciding on a name for your new family member. Since the Boerboel is from South Africa, the place to start looking for a name would be African culture. There is a plethora of interesting, unique African names that are easy to pronounce and have great meanings. Not all Boerboels have to carry an African name; you can choose any name that you like as long as it is one that is easy to say for all members of your family. Do not rush when it comes to naming your new Boerboel, take your time to find just the right name for them.

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